Hello there,

We’re Pine + Pacific. He’s Tim Pacific and no, my name actually has nothing to do with Pine, I’m Christy Carovillano. We are creators of things inspired by land, sea and everything in between - basically, Earth.


The idea for Pine + Pacific was hatched after #APacificAdventure in 2015 – what we also called our stressmoon, where we packed up our lives in Philadelphia, PA a mere two weeks after our DIY wedding, jumped into a rented RV with our crazy dog and two cats, and took off across the country to explore the mind-boggling things she has to offer on our way to our new home in Portland, OR. Although a bit like the hunger games at times, the adventure was life altering in the best way possible and inspired us to take more chances on the things that make us happy (yes, a little cliché, we know, but also the truth).


Currently based in the Pacific Northwest, but with roots on the east coast, our work has an emphasis on experiences. We take our love of spending time in the great outdoors and appreciation for amazing landscapes and infuse it with our creativity to produce fun designs that bring a sense of adventure to our audiences. We also have a strong sense of personal responsibility and want our work and business practices to serve a greater purpose.


Even though it’s just the two of us, we have lofty ambitions. We want to be ever evolving in our style, designs, and how we showcase the kickassness of Earth and use our company as a platform to promote its preservation. We want to run an honest and transparent business, building relationships through collaborative efforts with like-minded people and organizations also striving to be a force for environmental good in the world.

And that brings us full circle to Pine + Pacific in a nutshell:

Adventure . Create . Aspire

Thanks for checking us out! And if you’re interested in chatting more, drop us a line at hello@pineandpacific.com